Thursday, May 17, 2012

AROS goes DarkPlaces...

DarkPlaces is an advanced QuakeWorld client, which also has some high profile mods like Nexuiz, or its fork Xonotic.
AROS port was done by Szilárd Biró (AKA BSzili). This version is based on the the SVN rev. 11819 source code.

Nexuiz was originally developed by Lee Vermeulen and Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale, who started Alientrap in the summer of 2002. The goal of the project was to create a high quality first person shooter that could be played freely across all platforms in one package: PC, Mac, and Linux. The engine that powered Nexuiz was Forest Hale’s Darkplaces engine.

The first version of the game was released in 2005. Development continued with many online contributors over the years, with version 2.5 released in October of 2009. Since its release it has been downloaded over 6 million times, and is included with many Linux distributions.


To play these mods you can specify their name as a command line argument, or simply rename the executable. For example if you want to play Nexuiz, you can start the game from the shell with the following command: darkplaces-sdl -nexuiz.
Or you can make a copy of the executable, and rename it to nexuiz-sdl. If you start the game  from the shell don't forget to give it some stack.

This build should be fairly stable, but Xonotic still has some issues.
For more information check out the readme:

You can download the Nexuiz/Xonotic data files from here:

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