Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kitty gets a STK driver license

Tom Wright has provided the AROS Community with its own STK mascot. That's right Kitty gets its own apperance with SuperTuxKart. At first it was only available for versions 0.71+ of STK, which ruled out AROS.

But the STK Kitty kart has finally reached AROS.
João Ralha has been able to export Tom Wright model to AC3D file format, done some bug-fixing, altered the mascot icon to 3d (Version 0.62 presents all mascots in 3D render format) and the way she goes!...

You can download the 0.62 version (AROS compatible) here.
And the 0.71+ version here (for all the more recent versions on other platforms.)

Here are some videos of our beloved OS mascot in driving action:

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