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MegaGlest is an entertaining free (freeware and free software) and open source cross-platform 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game, where you control the armies of one of seven different factions: Tech, Magic, Egyptians, Indians, Norsemen, Persian or Romans. The game is setup in one of 17 naturally looking settings, which -like the unit models- are crafted with great appreciation for detail.

Game Site:



- At least 512 GB of RAM
- Video card with hardware 3D acceleration
- At least 256 MB of Video RAM on video card, 512 MB of Video RAM recommended*
- mesa.library V18 or later, get it from AROS nightly build or from and copy to LIBS:
- latest arosc.library, get it from AROS nightly build or from and copy to

(*) - 512 MB VRAM is needed for high quality textures


This archive contains only the executable. Game data needs to be downloaded
seperatelly from:
Download the version

After downloading, copy the data directories into MegaGlest drawer.
You should end up with following directory structure:



Double-click on the MegaGlest icon. The game will start in 800x600 window. If you wish to change the resolution select video options in the game. Your settings will be saved.

Known Issues:

I.   Capability to host network games (acting as server) is disabled. You can however join existing Internet or LAN games.
II.  Capability to download MODs is disabled. If you wish to download a MOD, you need to either do it manually or do it via Linux/Windows variant of game and copy the installed files to AROS version.
III. Capability for client to scan local networks and find running games is disabled.
     You need to know the exact IP and port of server you wish to connect.
IV.  When in Master Server lobby, connecting to IRC chat room will not work.
V.   Automatic download of missing content upon connecting to server is disabled.
     You need to make sure you have correct datafiles before connecting to online game.
VI.  When playing in resolution smaller than 800x600, some text can go out of messageboxes or overdraw icons.

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