Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Candy Crisis - Too much sugar Kitty?

Candy Crisis is a puzzle game based on the original game Puyo Puyo (which is in turn is a variation of the Columns game). It was created by John Stiles. This game can be played in both single player and two player modes, with an additional solitaire and tutorial mode. Gameplay spans around twelve stages.

Story goes like this: A mad scientist at a candy factory unveiled his greatest creation: a batch of living candy, brought to life through the miracles of genetic mutation. Unfortunately, his formula had a fatal flaw—the living candy immediately began to multiply by the thousands! Within minutes, the plant began to overflow with candy.
Luckily, a quick-thinking researcher quickly discovered how to fend off the rapidly multiplying creatures. The mutated candy became extremely reactive when grouped together - and when four of the same color touched, they would instantly vaporize!

Candy Crisis

AROS port by Szilárd Biró and it can be downloaded here:

Gameplay video:

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