Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ri-Li train reaches AROS station

Take good old Nibbler (or "Snake" from your old mobile phone), add the wooden trains and railroad you played with when you were a kid, and shake them with a lot of circuits, crossings and collectible gadgets: you'll get one of the simpliest, but also more compelling games ever ported to AROS. When you start playing, your train is just composed by the engine and a wagon but, placed everywhere on the circuit, you can collect new coaches that will add themselves to the train, making it longer. The longer your train, and more easily it will crash onto itself, exactly like snakes did on your phone. What makes things really difficult, here, is that you won't be able to move freely around the screen, but you will have to wait for the next crossing to change direction: every time your engine will leave a crossing behind itself, a red arrow will move to the next one, and you'll have a short time to decide the next move. Ri-Li's graphics are essential, with bi-dimensional, 800x600 fixed resolution maps, pretty animations and simple drawings. But this game is not about graphics at all: music is nice and gameplay is compelling. You just can't stop playing once you start and, when you're tired, you can rest for a while but, someday, the will to finish the last level comes back. Between every map and the next one you will be prompted with an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and you will have to guess what is the right article number. Correctly answering will give you 50 points. I can't say exactly how much I appreciated this idea, but at least this game is trying to teach something "more" to players, and it can be educative too. I'd have more liked, however, if questions had covered a wider range of subjects, than just one.

From a technical point of view there's nothing to complain about: controls are responsive enough, however it's better playing this on a native installation than in a virtual machine. Timings are short and the emulation overhead can bring some tragic delays, which will make the game barely playable in the advanced levels. The game works well with VESA mode, so if your video card is not supported by AROS, native drivers you will be able to play as well. And now, some links:

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