These are the most prolific and "habitues" Games/Ports Developers in the AROS Community. Show your apreciation with some form of incentive in their projects, at least praise their work as it's very worthy and makes AROS stand out on the entertainment, but also in other fronts.

Real Name: Matthias Rustler
AKA: Mazze
Location: Germany
Occupation: Engineer
Interest: AROS
Been around: Aug 2005
Fav Quote: AROS - Make code, not war

Real Name: Nick Andrews
AKA: Kalamatee
Location: Scotland
Occupation: Software Engineer/3rd Tier I.T. Support
Interest: AROS of course!
Been around: Mar 2004
Website: Kalamatee Blog
Fav Quote: ...


Real Name: Neil Cafferkey
AKA: Ncafferkey
Location: Ireland
Been around: Sep 2004
Fav Quote: ...

Real Name: Krzysztof Smiechowicz
AKA: Deadwood
Location: Poland
Occupation: Software Engineer
Interest: AROS
Been around: Jul 2008
Fav Quote: "There is no such thing as software for free. If it is not the user who covers the cost of software creation with money, it is the developer who covers this cost with his own free time."

Real Name: Yannick Erb
AKA: Yannickescu
Location: Liancourt Saint Pierre - France
Interest: Photography; computers
Been around: April 2009
Fav Quote: ...

Real Name: Szilárd Biró
AKA: BSzili
Location: Hungary
Occupation: Student
Interest: programming, old computers, music
Been around: Sep 2011
Fav Quote: Arguments that explain everything... explain nothing.

Real Name: ...
AKA: Kas1e kas1e_ar
Location: Russia?
Occupation: ...
Interest: AmigaOS4?
Been around: Oct 2007
Fav Quote: ...


ReservedReal Name: Patrick Thomas
AKA: Fishy_fiz/Beezle
Location: Victoria, Australia
Occupation: ...
Interest: AROS/amiga, guitar, computer graphics
Been around: Before 2006
Fav Quote: "What were they psychos? Psychos? Did they look like psychos? No, they were vampires. Psychos do *not* explode when exposed to sunlight, I dont give a f**k how crazy they are"

Real Name: Boran Serkan
AKA: serk118uk
Location: United Kingdom
Occupation: Software Engineer in Pos
Interest: c00ding/learning/fifa/aros
Been around: January 2010
Fav Quote: Lets build not destroy