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Some Scenedemos on AROS starting with the well known GLXcess:

Early AROS promotional video with emulation E-UAE and DOSBOX

AROS running Chasm - The rift in Dosbox emulator

 Early version of AROS 68K running games:

AROS 68k now runs some AMOS Basic and Blitz Basic 2 games! Here are some examples.

If you ever created your own games on the Amiga, it is happening right now that they are becoming runnable on a free emulator without a copyrighted Kickstart ROM file.

Recorded in WinUAE 2.3.2 using built-in Kickstart replacement (AROS 68k). Toni Wilen has worked hard on this recently, and the results are beginning to pay off. Here we see the AMOS Professional editor at 5:33 (not yet usable), as well as 3 AMOS and 4 Blitz Basic 2 games and demos by various authors:

Eater (AMOS Pro) - (speech has been removed) [by Mequa]
Galax (AMOS Pro Compiler demo) (Modded by Mequa to work without keyboard input)
Graphical Scrolling Text (Easy AMOS)

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