Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frogatto and Friends: leaping and bounding on AROS

Frogatto & Friends is an open-source “platformer” game which resembles an old-school 2D platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog named Frogatto.
It's a big adventure with the usual classic stuff gathered in the videogame decades history in the genre - you walk and jump between solid footholds, fight monsters, collect coins, talk to people and buy new stuff, whilst you lead the frog through the story.
Althought the authors claim not trying to clone any specific game, a few games spring to mind when palying these, and naturally the character does remind Superfrog in the Amiga from Team 17 (gameplay wise it's a diferent story).

The original game website can be found here: http://www.frogatto.com/

AROS Port was handled by Bszilárd Biró and has some quirks and bugs at the moment...

Download the executable here and the data here...

  • Don't let the stylish graphics fool you, this is an OpenGL game, and it's unplayable without 3D acceleration.
  • It takes some time to generate the "zipball"

Screenshot - AROS Port of Frogatto

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