Nick Andrews, one of our senior developers is ironing out the final bugs on it's DOOM3 code.

NEXUIZ the first port by BSzili

The new developer in town (regarding aros) is on a porting rampage and its second port was well received by AROS gaming community.

Aquaria - A magic journey...

Aquaria is the most beautiful game ever and it's available for AROS.

Retro fun on AROS....

Insane Jump and Run Game with Puzzle elements... Really hard retro game action with knobs on!

AROS Playground Wallpapers

Some Desktop Wallpapers with AROS Gaming inspiration, done specially by our resident artists...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SDL Lopan - AROS port

A classic remake for Linux Lopan (a Mahjong clone), with SDL library, by Dave Ashley
Other remakes can be found here:
This frustrating and addictive little puzzle game is timeless...

Ported for AROS by Miloslav Martinka.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kobo Deluxe - Shoot'em-up action

Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game  XKobo for Un*x systems with X11. Kobo Deluxe adds sound, smoother animation, high resolution support,  OpenGL acceleration (optional), an intuitive menu driven user interface, joystick support and other features. Recent versions also add a number of alternative skill levels with slightly modernized gameplay. Kobo Deluxe uses  SDL for graphics, sound and input.

The original code was written by David Olofson, AROS port by Matthias Rustler.

If you never seen before, it's a 8 way scroller shot'em-up with graphics resembling Amiga uridium2.

Download is available here:  AROS-ARCHIVES

Update: Also available in current distributions of AROS...

    *  Fast paced retro arcade style gameplay
    * Smooth, high speed 8-way scrolling
    * Very simple controls - the game is about speed and strategy
    * 17 different enemies; fighter ships, kamikaze attackers, proxy bombs and more
    * 50 maps, each with it's own feel and strategies to figure out
    * Maps are built as you enter them - each game is unique!
    * Structured audio technology - hi-fi sound in a tiny download
    * OpenGL support for extremely fast and smooth animation
    * High resolution support up to 2560x1600 - five types of scaling
    * Supports any display color depth - dithering for 15 and 16 bpp
    * Supports control by keyboard, mouse or joystick
    * Runs on pretty much any hardware and operating system
    * All code and data is Free/Open Source! (GPLed game logic; LGPLed engine code.)