Nick Andrews, one of our senior developers is ironing out the final bugs on it's DOOM3 code.

NEXUIZ the first port by BSzili

The new developer in town (regarding aros) is on a porting rampage and its second port was well received by AROS gaming community.

Aquaria - A magic journey...

Aquaria is the most beautiful game ever and it's available for AROS.

Retro fun on AROS....

Insane Jump and Run Game with Puzzle elements... Really hard retro game action with knobs on!

AROS Playground Wallpapers

Some Desktop Wallpapers with AROS Gaming inspiration, done specially by our resident artists...

Monday, November 22, 2010

SuperTuxKart 0.62 bumps into AROS

AROS gets its own version of SuperTuxKart - Mario Kart Clone developed by Linux guys.
Instead of the famous Mario game characters we find the open-source OS'es and APPS mascotes such as TUX, Gentoo, Demon (BSD) and others alike...

AROS Port is based on the 0.7.1 version and was done by Yannick.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quake III - MorphOS port recompiled for AROS

Who doesn't know the Quake series?!

Quake III compiled for AROS i386 by Krzysztof Smiechowicz.
This is almost a straight recompilation of MorphOS port of Quake III.
Thank you for making it available for AROS.


- At least 256 MB of RAM
- Video card with hardware 3D acceleration stronly recomended(*)
- Data files from original game
- Data files patch to version 1.32 (**)

(*) On strong CPUs, you will be able to play using software rendering when
the window is 320x200 or 400x300.

(**) It can be downloaded from after you
agree to EULA.


You need to have original Quake III data files. Copy the contents of original
baseq3 directory into the empty baseq3 directory. Then be sure to copy the patch
data files (pak1.pk3 - pak8.pk3) into baseq3 directory. Once its done, you are
ready to go.

Known Issues:


a) On my dev machine which has AC97 compatible card, sound causes freezes. If
you also experience freezes in the game, disable the sound by:

- run game, when in main menu open console (~)
- type s_initsound 0 and press enter
- type snd_restart and press enter

The game should restart without sound.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aquaria - diving into the magic...

Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure computer game developed by Bit Blot.
The game follows Naija, a mermaid-like woman, as she explores the underwater world of Aquaria. Along her journey, she learns about both the history of the world and her own past. The gameplay focuses on a combination of swimming, singing and combat, through which Naija can interact with the world. Naija's songs can move items, affect plants and animals, and change her physical appearance into other forms.

It's an adventure game that gives a true definition to the word magic. There's a real sense of it when playing this game!...

The games website is available here: Aquaria - Bit Blot

It has been ported by Yannick Erb and it's available here: Yannick's AROS Site

An Underwater Fantasy World to Explore

A massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. She'll travel from hidden caves, shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases, all lovingly handcrafted by its two creators.

Naija's story, narrated fully with voice overs, will become yours, as you join her on this magnificent adventure.
Magic and Combat at a Mouse-Click

Naija has the gift of the Verse. By singing songs, she can weave this force to change the waters around her. With each song Naija learns comes new abilities. With powerful songs, Naija is able to change form, giving players many options as to how to play the game.

And with Aquaria's intuitive mouse-only control system, it's as easy to make Naija swim gracefully through the waters as it is to have her sing, cast spells, and engage in combat with the numerous dangerous creatures that inhabit Aquaria's waters.

Here's a quick Video of Aquaria running on AROS (sorry for the bad quality):

Monday, June 14, 2010

LugaruHD kicks hard...

And by hard we mean hardware - It requires a pretty powerful machine to enjoy...
It seems LugaruHD is HW OpenGL only, software OpenGL wouldn't be fast enough to handle it.
Otherwise, it's pretty nice and very fast on a GF7800GT, in 1440x900 with High details.
Ported by Yannick Erb.

Anyway, Lugaru (pronounced Loo-GAH-roo) is the predecessor to Overgrowth. It is a DRM-free, third-person action game available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The main character, Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the starving wolves from a nearby den. Turner takes it upon himself to fight against their plot and save his fellow rabbits from slavery.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

GISH - sticky glob of gaming goodness...

Gish isn't your average hero, in fact he's not your average anything... see Gish is a ball of tar. A Sunday stroll with his lady friend Brea goes awry when a shadowy figure emerges from an open man hole and pulls Brea into the ground below. Following Brea's calls for help Gish suddenly finds himself in the subterranean sewers of Dross, a long forgotten city filled with twisting corridors, evil traps and some of the most demented creatures imaginable.

With his gelatinous structure as his only means of defense Gish must follow the echoing cries of his damsel in distress deep into the earth below. What freakish creatures dwell in this subterranean land? Who is Brea's captor? And just how far down does the rabbit hole go?

Life isn't easy when you're a 12 pound ball of tar...

The version available was ported by Yannick Erb.

You'll need to download the demo version of the game or buy the full version and install data from it.

The game Website:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Methane Bros - Puff and Blow...

Super Methane Brothers is a 1993 platform arcade game released for Amiga by Apache Software Ltd..
The gameplay is similar to Taito's Bubble Bobble.

Puff and Blow each have a Methane Gas Gun which fires a cloud of immobilising gas. If this comes into contact with a bad guy he will be absorbed into the gas and then float around the screen for a limited time. Bad guys are harmless in this state. Puff and Blow must suck the floating gas clouds into their guns and throw against a wall to destroy them. Bad guys then turn into bonuses which can be collected.

This is a conversion of the Commodore Amiga game, by Mark Rombust with permission by Apache Software Ltd to release this game as GPL. AROS port has been done by Yannick Erb.

Yannick's AROS Work

Game Summary:
Trap baddies in a gas cloud. Suck into your gas gun. Throw against a wall to destroy them.

Game Controls:
Press Fire to start. Use “Player One” Fire for single player mode. Use "Player Two" Fire for two player mode.
You will then be prompted to input the player names. Use the keyboard to type in the name with a maximum of four characters. Press Return when you have finished.
The game will start.
Use the keyboard to move the player (See below for keys). Hold down the Jump higher. Use in combination with the Left and Right keys for directional jumping
Tap Fire to fire gas from the gun.
When a baddie is within a certain range from the players gun, hold Fire to suck a trapped baddie into the gun.
Release Fire to throw the trapped baddie from the gun.

Keyboard - Player One:
Cursor key Left / Right to move left and right
Cursor key Up to jump.
Cursor key Down to move down (Only used with the wings "Power Up")
Control key (CTRL) - Fire.

Keyboard - Player Two:
'A' key to move left
'D' key to move right
'W' key to jump.
'S' key to move down (Only used with the wings "Power Up")
Shift key - Fire.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

F-1 Spirit remake

This is a remake the Konami MSX1 classic F-1 Spirit.
It has been written by Braingames (, as part of the Retro Remakes competition in 2004.
Now it has been ported by our expert in the porting department, Yannick Erb.

The remake has the following improvements over the original:

    * Improved graphics
    * Improved music
    * More realistic physics
    * Camera rotation
    * Camera zoom
    * Highscore table
    * Multiplayer up to 4 players on 1 computer with split screen
    * Nice graphical effects
    * Replay saving
    * On-line highscore tables.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Possible Worlds - Underwater action

Possible Worlds - Underwater action

Possible Worlds is a rather impressive Subwar / Wing Commander - style openGL accelerated 3D game with challenging missions.
Definitely Worth a look -

It has been ported by Yannick Erb.
It can be downloaded here.

BillardGL: Red ball to corner pocket...

If when you think of billard on computer you remember Team17's arcade pool - then forget it! If your idea was Firebird's 3D poll - then this is your game - It's billard and it's on 3D.
BillardGL is an OpenGL pool billiard simulation, which was developed within the scope of our course "Computergraphics" at the University of Freiburg (Germany). BillardGL is published under GPL.
The general idea of billiard is to hit the coloured balls with the cue ball in such a way that these balls fall in one of the six pockets of the table.
General rules for both supported games and often used terms are explained in "General Rules for Billiard" so that a newcomer can easily understand the special rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball.

The original is available at the BillardGL site as well as it's source code.

AROS port was handled by Yannick.

Download at Yannick's site

Note: This game requires an accelerated 3D Galium supported Card.

Eat the Whistle: Small soccer classic

Back in the final days of the Amiga commercial games where becaming scarce (or almost a mirage). Eat the Whistle is on of the final Amiga Footbal games developed by Hurricane Studios as commercial product for the Amiga platform. I's now  an OpenSource soccer game with a lot of features never seen in other soccer games. It has been released under the GPL licence version 2 in the year 2002.
The original Amiga version has been made portable with the help of the SDL library, now ETW runs on a wide range of machines.

Source code is available at the Sourceforge project page

AROS port was handled by Yannick

Download it at Yannick's site