Nick Andrews, one of our senior developers is ironing out the final bugs on it's DOOM3 code.

NEXUIZ the first port by BSzili

The new developer in town (regarding aros) is on a porting rampage and its second port was well received by AROS gaming community.

Aquaria - A magic journey...

Aquaria is the most beautiful game ever and it's available for AROS.

Retro fun on AROS....

Insane Jump and Run Game with Puzzle elements... Really hard retro game action with knobs on!

AROS Playground Wallpapers

Some Desktop Wallpapers with AROS Gaming inspiration, done specially by our resident artists...

Monday, November 22, 2010

SuperTuxKart 0.62 bumps into AROS

AROS gets its own version of SuperTuxKart - Mario Kart Clone developed by Linux guys.
Instead of the famous Mario game characters we find the open-source OS'es and APPS mascotes such as TUX, Gentoo, Demon (BSD) and others alike...

AROS Port is based on the 0.7.1 version and was done by Yannick.