Nick Andrews, one of our senior developers is ironing out the final bugs on it's DOOM3 code.

NEXUIZ the first port by BSzili

The new developer in town (regarding aros) is on a porting rampage and its second port was well received by AROS gaming community.

Aquaria - A magic journey...

Aquaria is the most beautiful game ever and it's available for AROS.

Retro fun on AROS....

Insane Jump and Run Game with Puzzle elements... Really hard retro game action with knobs on!

AROS Playground Wallpapers

Some Desktop Wallpapers with AROS Gaming inspiration, done specially by our resident artists...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari

Cave Story, or Doukutsu Monogatari, is a Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game developed by Studio Pixel   . It has been translated into English by Aeon Genesis Translations   and will have an official translation script published sometime in the near future.
This is really one of those games that can be considered an almost masterpiece of game design. There are so many wonderful and classic gaming elements, that I cannot even begin to describe just one quality well enough to say "It is for this one reason alone that Cave Story is a great game." There is just so much effort, originality and ingenuity behind this game and it really shows more and more as you play through it.

More info on Cave Story can be found on this web-site

AROS Port was handled by Bszilard Biró.

And it can be downloaded here and the data for Cave Story Deluxe here

Install procedure:
Copy "Doukutsu.exe" and the "data" directory next to the executable. After that all you have to is to start "nx", and have fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

OpenJazz: Jazz JackRabbit engine

Jazz Jackrabbit is a series of video games featuring the titular character of Jazz Jackrabbit, a green anthropomorphic hare, who fights with his turtle nemesis, Devan Shell, in a science fiction parody of the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. Created by Cliff Bleszinski and developed by Epic MegaGames, the series debuted on the personal computer in 1994 with Jazz Jackrabbit. The series consists of two computer games and a handheld console game. He was originally the mascot of EpicGames.
OpenJazz is a free, open-source re-implementation of the classic jazz Jackrabbit ™ games. OpenJazz can be compiled on a wide range of operating systems. To play, you will need the files from one of the original games.

 OpenJazz Webiste can be found here

AROS Port was handled by Bszilard Biró - AROS EXEC-Thread

You can download it at AROS-ARCHIVES (not ready yet) and the shareware version can be downloaded at DOS Games Archives.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

TUX Football: TUX nowhere to be seen...

Tux Football is a great 2D soccer(for U.S.)/football(outside U.S) game. It aims on bringing old style gameplay from AMIGA times back to your computer with more up to date graphics! It's gameplay is similar to old classics such as Anco's Kick Off and Sensible Software's Sensible Soccer or it's sequel SWOS.
The gameplay is designed to be quick, responsive and fun. You are always in control of the player closest to the ball. The ball is controled via two differentn kick buttons - one for pass, and one for shoot. Aftertouch can be applied to shots by quickly pressing and holding the direction you want the ball to bend towards. Pushing in the opposite direction to what you kicked the ball makes it raise into the air, pushing in the same direction as the ball makes it dip towards the ground.

 It's still W.I.P. so here's what is done so far (at the date of this anouncement):
  • Two Teams
  • Pass, Kick, Tackles, Headers
  • Aftertouch
  • Bounds detection (i.e. we know when throw ins, goals, etc. happens)
  • Realistic physics on the ball, including bouncing off goal posts.
  • Title Screen, With menu.
  • Sound Support, including sfx and music
  • Computer controlled players
  • Redefining keys, selecting number of players
Still to be done:
  • More Teams
  • More graphics and moves, such as throw-in graphics, rolling around on the floor in agony, etc.
  • Talking about agony, injuries and player-player collision detection need to be added
  • Along with yellow cards and red cards
  • And substitutions
  • Joystick support
  • Music and SFX need to be improved.
  • Networked play
  • Leagues, player stats, transfer market

Port is being handled by Boran Serkan, and he promises to keep an eye and update the port as well as it progresses - so keep your eyes on the available downloads.

Download Aros version at PortaCall site

Direction Keys : Move player around
Left Shift : Shoot (heavy kick in the air)
Left Ctrl : Pass (softer kick along the ground, directed to feet of the closest player on your team in the direction you passed in)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nether Earth: RTS ZX Remake

Nether Earth was the very first real time strategy game. Designed for ZX-SPECTRUM machine with only needed 48KB of RAM to work. It had all the typical elements of strategy games: resources, factories, combat units, etc.
Nether Earth is a very interesting game from the point of vies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) since all the robots are self controlled. You just have to give your orders to the robots and they will try to follow them. For instance you can tell a robot to "CAPTURE NEUTRAL FACTORIES", and the robot will find it's own path to reach the closest factory avoiding the obstacles they found.

This is the remake for modern hardware AI has been improved, maps added, and the graphics are rendered using OpenGL and the SDL library.

The goal
As in almost all strategy games, the goal is to eliminate the enemy. To achieve it, you have WARBASES, that have the ability to produce ROBOTS (your combat units). You can design your own robots by combining several pieces (TRACKS, ANTIGRAVITATIONAL DEVICE, CANNONS, MISSILE BAYS, etc). To build robots you need RESOURCE points. Each warbase procudes 5 resource points every day, but you can increase it by conquering FACTORIES. To conquer a factory, let a robot stay in its door for almost 12 hours, then the factory will be yours. Once you have a combat foe ready to attack, you can send your robots against the enemy robots, factories or warbases. To conquer a warbase you have to follow the same procedure as to conquer a factory. Once you have conquered all the warbases, you have won the game.

The robots
The most exciting pat of Nether Earth is that it allows you to design you own robots. You can build robots by using the following construction pieces:
    Traction pieces:
    - BIPOD: The simplest traction piece. It's very slow, but very resistent, and will give to your robot some extra shield points.
    - TRACKS: A fast traction piece, it's not as expensive as the antigravitational device, but is quite fast.
    - ANTIGRAVITATIONAL DEVICE: The fastest traction piece. But also expensive.
    - CANNONS: The cheapest weapon, and of course the less powerful.
    - MISSILES: A great weapon, more powerful than cannons.
    - PHASERS: The most effective weapon.
    - NUCLEAR BOMB: The most destructive weapon. Once fired, it will destroy all the robots and buildings near the robot that has the bomb (including it).

    - ELECTRONIC BRAIN: This piece enhances the intelligence of the robots, allowing them to perform your orders more effectively.

As more pieces you put to your robot, more shield points will it have, so it's important that if you have enough money, put as many weapons as you can into your robot!


You can find the original here: Nether Earth Remake

AROS Port by Boran Serkan

Download the AROS version at Portacall site

Monday, October 22, 2012

KETM: Kill Everything that moves

KETM (or Kill Everything that moves) is a sprite based top scrolling shoot'em-up (in the very best tradition of the genre) for diferent OS'es that uses an original combat system desgined just for this title. This system takes the manic shooter approach up a notch. 

AROS Port by Boran Serkan (this is based on the PSP port.)

You can download at Portacall site

Extra notes:
Added features:
- Togle music
- Togle FullScreen (you have to select 2x to get fullscreen)

Ketm -h (for help)
Ketm -1941 (To play 1941 game)
Ketm -original (and to to play original)

or just double click on the icon which has -original as default..

1941 is just a Episodes which is a folder called (1941) you can play other Episodes which will have different startup logo's or game play..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

X-pired: 2 ports available

X-pired is an action-puzzle game written in C using SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and SDL_gfx libraries distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. The goal of the game in each level is to reach the exit square, avoiding exploding barrels and other deadly stuff...

The orginal game was authored by Miroslav Kucer and available at Sourceforge

There are 2 ports for this game: an old one by Mathias Rustler and a new one by Boran Serkan.

You can download the old one at Aros-archives and the new one at the Portacall site.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hex-a-hop: Simple and non taxing

Hex-a-Hop is a hexagonal tile-based puzzle game where the main character hops and clears all green tiles.
It's not taxing in terms of moves or time since you have infinite undos and no time limits -- it's just a matter of finding a path to clear all the green tiles and step on a safe tile at the end.

The original game site can be found here

This port was handled by Boran Serkan.

It can be downloaded at his Portacall site

Here's a video that ilustrates the gameplay:

Monday, October 15, 2012

FreeCiv: Classic Strategy

Freeciv is a single and multiplayer turn-based strategy game for workstations and personal computers inspired by the commercial proprietary Sid Meier's Civilization series. The game's default settings are closest to Civilization II, in both gameplay and graphics (including the units and the isometric grid).
Released under the GNU General Public License, Freeciv is free and open source software.

Players take the role of tribal leaders in 4000 B.C. who must guide their peoples through the centuries. Over time, new technologies are discovered, which allow the construction of new city buildings and the deployment of new units. Players can wage war on one another or form diplomatic relationships.
The game ends when one civilization has eradicated all others or accomplished the goal of space colonization, or at a given deadline. If more than one civilization remains at the deadline, the player with the highest score wins. Points are awarded for the size of a civilization, its wealth, and cultural and scientific advances.


The original project can be found at sourceforge and further instructions here

AROS port was handled by Bszilárd Biró, and it has still some quirks but it's regarded as functional.

Download AROS FreeCIV at his Web page.

AROS FreeCIV running on a window

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frogatto and Friends: leaping and bounding on AROS

Frogatto & Friends is an open-source “platformer” game which resembles an old-school 2D platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog named Frogatto.
It's a big adventure with the usual classic stuff gathered in the videogame decades history in the genre - you walk and jump between solid footholds, fight monsters, collect coins, talk to people and buy new stuff, whilst you lead the frog through the story.
Althought the authors claim not trying to clone any specific game, a few games spring to mind when palying these, and naturally the character does remind Superfrog in the Amiga from Team 17 (gameplay wise it's a diferent story).

The original game website can be found here:

AROS Port was handled by Bszilárd Biró and has some quirks and bugs at the moment...

Download the executable here and the data here...

  • Don't let the stylish graphics fool you, this is an OpenGL game, and it's unplayable without 3D acceleration.
  • It takes some time to generate the "zipball"

Screenshot - AROS Port of Frogatto

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Free Heroes for AROS

Free heroes2 is an Open Source implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine, where SDL library system is used.

Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars is a turn-based strategy with a slight twist of adventure/RPG thrown invideo game developed by Jon Van Caneghem through New World Computing and published in 1996 by the 3DO Company. The game is the second installment of the Heroes of Might and Magic series and is typically credited as the breakout game for the series. Heroes II was voted the sixth-best PC game of all time by PC Gamer in May 1997.

AROS Port was handled by Szilárd Biró.


The game requires the original Heroes of Might and Magic II game data. Copy the contents of data and maps to their respective drawers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Neverball: 3D Ball madness

Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill.
Also part of it is Neverputt, a hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game, built on the physics and graphics engine of Neverball.

Neverball site can be found here
More screenshots here: Screenshots

AROS Port was handled by Szilard Biró.

Download here: AROS-ARCHIVES

Neverball and Neverputt makes use of Gallium 3D (Hardware accelerated GFX). A 500MHz CPU or above is recommended.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Descent: AROS DXX Rebirth

DXX-Rebirth is a Source Port of the Descent and Descent 2 Engines, offering OpenGL graphics and effects, advanced Multiplayer, many improvements and new features.
Descent and Descent 2 are pretty old games so you usually run into problems running it on more recent Hardware and Operating Systems. DXX-Rebirth will solve this!

Descent is a 3D first-person shooter video game developed by Parallax Software and released by Interplay in 1995. The game features six degrees of freedom gameplay and garnered several expansion packs. It spawned two direct sequels: Descent II and Descent 3.

AROS Ports was handled by Szilard Biro.

DXX Rebirth 1 and DXX Rebirth 2 (For Descent 1 and 2 respectively)

  • Plays Descent and Descent 2 and all their AddOns and third-party levels.
  • OpenGL provides a fast and smooth rendering – even on low-end systems.
  • Optionally you can enable several effects like Transparency, Colored lighting, Texture Filtering, FSAA, etc.
  • Thanks to SDL, a wide palette of Joysticks are supported. Also you can use more Joysticks, buttons and axes than you can ever operate in your state of evolution.
  • If you prefer steering your Pyro with a mouse, you will not have the problem that the movement becomes slow in high game speed.
  • Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse can be used simultaneously.
  • The games can display all resolutions and aspects supported by your Monitor, including an option for VSync.
  • Besides MIDI and CD-Audio (Redbook), you can play your own custom Music from your Harddrive or a separate AddOn.
  • Both games can utilize special AddOn packs to replace or expand the original game content.
  • Multiplayer via UDP protocol provides a fast and easy-to-use LAN and Online action. This includes reliable communication causing less glitches due to lost packages.
  • Multiplayer via IPX protocol lets you play against players still using the MS-DOS version of the game.
  • The ingame Demo-recording system has been improved. Demos are less glitchy and smaller while still still being backwards-compatible to earlier versions of the games.
  • Higher game speed will not cause glitches such as unacceptable fast homing projectiles, incredible high damage caused by several collisions or Fusion cannon, etc.
  • Player files, Savegames, Demos and Missions from DOS-Versions of the games can freely be used in DXX-Rebirth and vice versa.

Note from the port author:
"They are very quick ports, so they could be full of bugs. Music won't work, because SDL_mixer isn't aware of the timidity: assign It will probably work if you copy the patches to the games' drawer. Speaking of drawer, you can simply dump the game files there, or create a data drawer and put them there."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter video game published by Activision and originally released on November 19, 2001 and in turn is a reboot of the early first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D. It includes a story-based single player campaign (which uses certain themes from the original game), as well as a team-based networked multiplayer mode.
In the campaign, Allied agents from the fictional "Office of Secret Actions" (OSA) are sent to investigate rumors surrounding one of Heinrich Himmler's personal projects, the SS Paranormal Division (also see Ahnenerbe). The agents are, however, captured before completing their mission and are imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein. Taking the role of Blazkowicz, the player must escape the castle and continue investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division, which include research on resurrecting corpses, biotechnology, and secret weapons.

The single player game was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software developed its multiplayer mode. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D, oversaw the development and were credited as executive producers

AROS Port was handled by Szilárd Biró, the FPS AROS port predator, based on Mark Olsen's MorphOS port!

You need the data files from the latest version of the game, which is 1.42b. Alternatively you can use the data files from the The Platinum Edition, which
contains a patched version of the game. You have to copy the PK3 files and rtcwkey into the main drawer, and you are ready to go.

Although this was first released on late April, the AROS port of the game is now fully debuged and uploaded to AROS-ARCHIVES as well as it's sources.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ami-Ingenious: Aros version

Ami-Ingenious is Ingenious Board game native implementation. Game goal is not get worse score in any of 6 game colours. Players got points in game placing
pieces on hexagonal board and connecting identical pieces. Game rules are very easy to learn, game is designed for all ages. Ingenious is very good game, it
collecting on web positive comments and gaining international awards!

Game features:
all game rules are implemented
double player various modes
real time scoring system
computer move simulation
simple but strong computer AI

Game is created by mrdarek, (c) 2012.

Download at: AROS-ARCHIVES

This game is shareware/donationware. In unregistered version game sometimes show you reminder screen, but no other restriction.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Candy Crisis - Too much sugar Kitty?

Candy Crisis is a puzzle game based on the original game Puyo Puyo (which is in turn is a variation of the Columns game). It was created by John Stiles. This game can be played in both single player and two player modes, with an additional solitaire and tutorial mode. Gameplay spans around twelve stages.

Story goes like this: A mad scientist at a candy factory unveiled his greatest creation: a batch of living candy, brought to life through the miracles of genetic mutation. Unfortunately, his formula had a fatal flaw—the living candy immediately began to multiply by the thousands! Within minutes, the plant began to overflow with candy.
Luckily, a quick-thinking researcher quickly discovered how to fend off the rapidly multiplying creatures. The mutated candy became extremely reactive when grouped together - and when four of the same color touched, they would instantly vaporize!

Candy Crisis

AROS port by Szilárd Biró and it can be downloaded here:

Gameplay video:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Have No Tomatoes! - Vegetable frenzy... hmm... carnage?

I Have No Tomatoes is an extreme leisure time activity idea of which culminates in the following question: How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? If you have the time to spare, this game has the vegetables just waiting to be eliminated!

This game features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL API driven isometric 3d graphics and nice music. It also includes a MOD player, and you can use your own MOD-type music in the game background. Just copy your XM/S3M/IT/MOD - files to the the 'music' subdirectory of I Have No Tomatoes and the game plays them. You can press F1 to skip a song when ingame. There's room for 128 MODs. Btw, if you don't have any MOD music, ModArchive ( is a good place to download some. 

Well the author's description is interesting, but what is it anyway? Well, this is a fun and simple Bomber man type arcade game. You play as a yellow tomato out to destroy all of the other tomatoes.
Best enjoyed in short doses - such as on your break time!

I Have No Tomatoes

AROS port handled by Boran Serkan and it's available here: serk118 blog Portacall

 AROS specific instructions:
copy your .mp3 music files to music/ folder to listen them while playing...

edit config.cfg for:
video_mode_fullscreen = 1
perspective = 1
set specials to key 's' in game settings 

Aros version running on a window

Video of the gameplay: