Nick Andrews, one of our senior developers is ironing out the final bugs on it's DOOM3 code.

NEXUIZ the first port by BSzili

The new developer in town (regarding aros) is on a porting rampage and its second port was well received by AROS gaming community.

Aquaria - A magic journey...

Aquaria is the most beautiful game ever and it's available for AROS.

Retro fun on AROS....

Insane Jump and Run Game with Puzzle elements... Really hard retro game action with knobs on!

AROS Playground Wallpapers

Some Desktop Wallpapers with AROS Gaming inspiration, done specially by our resident artists...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bermuda Syndrome - into another world...

Bermuda Syndrome is action-adventure game similar to Another World.

BS starts with you being teleported to a different dimension. Instead of ending up on a barren rocky world, however, you crash your plane into a lush jungle filled with dinosaurs, thereby accidentally saving a princess from a rather morbid fate. From then on you move through the jungle, where nearly every screen is a puzzle on its own. You can jump, climb, duck, talk, use items, shoot, stab, roll - all of which you'll need to get to the end of the game.

AROS Port was handled by Boran Serkan...


Saturday, February 4, 2012

1941 DX Dual Player - Arcade revamped!

This game is the adaptation of the game Arcade 1941 for AROS X86 by HunoPPC.
There are also versions for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS (Windows and Linux versions are also available) has been released by HunoPPC.
New SDL core engine. Automatic update of the game and its dependencies with an internet connection.
Full support 2 joysticks, 2 players mode, new effects, new sounds, new graphics, new enemies.

The game costs 1,70 Euros. Gamers who have already registered their copy can download this new version and copy their keyfile in 1941's drawer.
Full info can be obtained at the author's website: Huno's Site

Donwload at: AROS 1941-DX Version

System Requirements:
  -  Aros System X86
  -  System with 256 Mb (minimum)
  -  No 3D Card required

Update - New in version 2.0.5:
* Add new GUI testHunoJoyWrapper in prefs "joysticks settings" and update the library with new drivers
* Fix prefs HQ MUSICS : check now if files exist before activation, prevent unregistered to active HQ musics, add play/stop after selection of LOW or HQ musics
* Fix reset points collected for Armageddon after each credit used for both players
* Activate full screen right from the start for versions AOS4 MORPHOS et 68k
* BossAlert remove 1 zoom out of 4 to save some time
* Replace "Inverter" by "Reverse" in joysticks/pads settings
* Add 3 digits in snapshots name for easier sorting
* Synchronisation of sound for LibHunoJoyWrapper logo
* Fix desactivation of mouse pointer earlier so that it dos not appear on loading screen
* Fix freeze in joysticks settings when no joysticks/pads are used
* Activate detection of joysticks motions during the story playing, the HiScores and the "How to play" so that these could exit upon a button pressed and go back to main menu
* Fix problem SoftwareSurface, changed in HardwareSurface

Enjoy an oldie revamped to NG Amiga hardware capabilities!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fade2Black - Fading is not an option...

Fade to Black is an action-adventure game released in 1995 for DOS and PlayStation, by Delphine Software International.
It is essentially a sequel to Flashback (aka F2B), written and designed by Paul Cuisset.

The game is displayed in full gouraud shaded 3D for DOS and fully textured 3D for the PlayStation.
Instead a first person view, it's viewed as an over-the-shoulder 3D perspective.
The more approximate style of the game is a Tomb Raider action adventure type game (but this was released before).

F2bgl project is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Fade To Black and is designed as a cross-platform replacement for the original executable. Aros port of f2bgl was done by Boran Serkan.


You'll need the DOS version game data


Type this in shell:
  • set stack 20000
  • f2bgl --datapath=Work:myGames/Fade2Black --language=en

You have to change your --datapath=your path    (this is the place where the DOS game data files are stored on your hd)

The game runs without any problems but scenescuts are a tad slow...