Saturday, December 26, 2009

PushOver - Ocean's puzzle remaked

Pushover is a faithful reimplementation of the game with the same name published in 1992 by Ocean. It contains the original levels. The graphics and sound are very similar when compared with the original game.

More info on the game website: Sourceforge/pushover

Download is available here: AROS-Archives


The task of the game is to rearrange the dominoes on the different platforms so that you can start a chainreaction that makes all dominoes topple over. You may rearrange all dominoes (except for one kind of domino) and place them wherever suitable (except in front of a door).

You win the level, when:
- all dominoes (except for the blocker) have toppled
- no dominoes have crashed, they may fall off the screen though
- the trigger domino fell last
- and you reached the exit door within the time limit

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