Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Have No Tomatoes! - Vegetable frenzy... hmm... carnage?

I Have No Tomatoes is an extreme leisure time activity idea of which culminates in the following question: How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? If you have the time to spare, this game has the vegetables just waiting to be eliminated!

This game features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL API driven isometric 3d graphics and nice music. It also includes a MOD player, and you can use your own MOD-type music in the game background. Just copy your XM/S3M/IT/MOD - files to the the 'music' subdirectory of I Have No Tomatoes and the game plays them. You can press F1 to skip a song when ingame. There's room for 128 MODs. Btw, if you don't have any MOD music, ModArchive ( is a good place to download some. 

Well the author's description is interesting, but what is it anyway? Well, this is a fun and simple Bomber man type arcade game. You play as a yellow tomato out to destroy all of the other tomatoes.
Best enjoyed in short doses - such as on your break time!

I Have No Tomatoes

AROS port handled by Boran Serkan and it's available here: serk118 blog Portacall

 AROS specific instructions:
copy your .mp3 music files to music/ folder to listen them while playing...

edit config.cfg for:
video_mode_fullscreen = 1
perspective = 1
set specials to key 's' in game settings 

Aros version running on a window

Video of the gameplay:

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