Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter video game published by Activision and originally released on November 19, 2001 and in turn is a reboot of the early first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D. It includes a story-based single player campaign (which uses certain themes from the original game), as well as a team-based networked multiplayer mode.
In the campaign, Allied agents from the fictional "Office of Secret Actions" (OSA) are sent to investigate rumors surrounding one of Heinrich Himmler's personal projects, the SS Paranormal Division (also see Ahnenerbe). The agents are, however, captured before completing their mission and are imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein. Taking the role of Blazkowicz, the player must escape the castle and continue investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division, which include research on resurrecting corpses, biotechnology, and secret weapons.

The single player game was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software developed its multiplayer mode. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D, oversaw the development and were credited as executive producers

AROS Port was handled by Szilárd Biró, the FPS AROS port predator, based on Mark Olsen's MorphOS port!

You need the data files from the latest version of the game, which is 1.42b. Alternatively you can use the data files from the The Platinum Edition, which
contains a patched version of the game. You have to copy the PK3 files and rtcwkey into the main drawer, and you are ready to go.

Although this was first released on late April, the AROS port of the game is now fully debuged and uploaded to AROS-ARCHIVES as well as it's sources.

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